Love the Libertarian as yourself

Yaron Brook, Executive Chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, recently told Dave Rubin ( that Judeo-Christian religion is unreasonable if not downright inhuman because of the demands these and other religions place on people. He gives a spirited defense of free enterprise, and then contrasts it with what he sees as the illogical demands of religions, in particular Christianity and Judaism.

“Me thriving does not entail exploiting you (described as ‘lying, cheating, stealing, murdering you.’),” Brook explained. Quite the contrary, me thriving is me trading with you (which he described as creating many win-win, mutually beneficial situations). Continue reading “Love the Libertarian as yourself”

Alabama Republicans: Vote for the other guy: Here’s why

For the good of your country,  for the good of the Trump agenda, for the good of the GOP, sometimes you have to let the other guys win. Sometimes a strategic long term victory comes from a strategic withdrawal.

First, remember this: the Democratic party strategists are praying you vote him in.  But that is the strategist. The rank and file independent moderate voter, who has more important things to thing about, will think you are craven and stupid for doing so. The left is already licking its chops over distracting them from their troubles so they can focus them on ours. If you want to do the Democrats a favor, vote for Roy Moore.

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The Michels Heritage Center Proposal

colbert farmFoundation Proposal

The John and Norma Michels Heritage Center


In 2014, roughly ten months before his death, John Michels Sr. met with a number of his children on the porch of John Michels Jr.’s home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to discuss the assets he would leave behind and his wishes for his legacy. A number of his children present to attend the wedding of John Jr.’s younger daughter, Charlotte. John Sr. expressed his desire for his offspring to take the real estate properties he owned in North Spokane and utilize them to create some sort of trust that would reflect his life and beliefs. The property he wanted to deed to this entity would be his legacy to future generations.

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Trump: Keeping Hope Alive


Erich Michels
October 13, 2017

Watching Trump’s speech to the Values Voters today (Friday), it seemed to me the cornerstone of the address was the word “hope.” America is great because America is filled with hope.

“Hope” was a word utilized by Barack Obama. Now we see Trump appropriating the word.

Make America Great Again, as I noted yesterday, is a compelling message for both liberals and conservatives. I referred to two messengers appealing to two different audiences:

Messenger 1: Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels’ depiction of jaded TV Journalist Will McAvoy in the HBO series “The Newsroom, with a message appealing to the college educated left. Daniels really nails his part in this clip, so much so it belongs to Daniels more than it does McAvoy, so with apologies I will refer to Daniels as the man behind the message going forward. This clip was widely shared in social media in the years running up to the 2016 election, before Trump was even a candidate. So, although it’s been used by presidential candidates before (we have Reagan on tape using it, for one example), I maintain the idea in its present iteration came first from the Jeff Daniels character.

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A return to the Garden of Eden: nine things Jesus believed about marriage

We are stardust, we are golden

Caught in the devil’s bargain

And we’ve got to get ourselves, back to the Garden

– Joni Mitchell

Since my high school days, Joni was my go-to when it came to understanding women.  But when it comes to understanding God, I rely mostly on Jesus. Whenever Jesus talks about God and His intents and purposes, it is a good idea to listen, ponder, and expect at least a bit of it to make one uneasy. God is incomprehensible, the wise say. But Jesus has an inside track on His ways.

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Coach Patton addresses his troops

The difference between “fun” and joy

Saturday begins a new baseball season for me. For about the 15th season, I will lead a group of young boys, this season aged 7-8, into the glorious national pastime as a coach in the Northwest Christian Sports League.  Every season a group of parents put their young man in my charge for a few hours every week. It is a honor I do not take lightly, being a parent of six myself, I know how easy it is to have your child overlooked, and how an experience that was supposed to be fun for the child can instead become a real drag.

I always joke that I am best suited to coach young boys in baseball, because I have intimate knowledge of what it is like to be the worst player on the team.  Partly it was because I was low on the age and experience scale, as most players were into their second season in our division. And partly it is because I am, well, a pretty bad ballplayer. So I have special insight on what it is like to underachieve on the play fields of America. I was so bad in Little League(TM), I quit in mid-season. I didn’t mind so much being bad, I just didn’t understand the purpose of having me on the team. One day walking to school, a group of my former teammates came up to me, angry, and ready to rough me up.

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Stefan Molyneux and Cultural Self Hatred

Self hatred is not a useful response when attacked. Self examination is useful when reflection is called for, but dangerous when demanded by others in the political, cultural or military realm. Especially dangerous when demanded by opponents who are incapable of reciprocation. It won’t end well to capitulate under such circumstances.

I stumbled upon Stefan as a YouTube philosophy teacher while refreshing my own knowledge of our great pre-Christian tradition of philosophy. He didn’t appear to me to be very sympathetic or appreciative of the Christian use and (dare I say) “appropriation” of Aristotle. But he knew his stuff. This full throated defense of European culture in its proper perspective really surprised me. And he is right.

Our ability to self reflect in order to pursue peace and the higher good is good. But European civilization deserves a full throated defense against those in academia and politics who cannot seem to practice it, even as they insist others do so that their opponents disarm to appease them and their list of demands.

And, I am tired of ideological academics to the Marxist dialectics of power and oppression in matters of race and gender. It is ignorant and therefore foolish to do so. The Marxist dialectic was overly simplistic, dogmatic, and wrong in the discussion of economics in the days of the cold war. History is now repeating itself as farce in the use of it to fight the current wars over race, gender and culture.