Erich (Rick) Michels is a journalist, business leader, and author with a long time social media presence. Conservative, Judeo-Christian, and always respectful. My commentary is pointed, but shared in a civil way with respect for our fellow man. I have enjoyed spirited debate and discussion with atheists, agnostics, and Christians of all stripes on the web since the early 90’s. Iron sharpens iron, while friends remain friends and fellow travelers on this earth.

I belong to no organized religion. I am a Judeo-Christian with a Catholic/Messianic/Pentacostal background that continues to serve me well. I am circumcised according to the flesh and the heart and enjoy the fellowship of all my fellow brothers and sisters in the mystical body of Christ. There, the resurrected Jesus is Messiah, Christ and reigns in our hearts and lives, while we wait in expectation of our coming king and the promise of a new heaven and earth. If that leaves you confused, it boils down to this: If you assent to the Nicene Creed, you and I are going to be in fellowship and in agreement with the essentials of the common faith. I like the moniker “Judeo-Christian” because I emphasize the Judaic roots of Christianity and of Jesus the Messiah. I’ve got nothing doctrinally to add to the historic church and its creeds, only my own particular insights on how they play out in our lives.

My experience is that of a former journalist for the Everett Herald, Seattle Northwest Progress (now known as Northwest Catholic), ISBER News. In the business world, I am the author of many case studies, training programs, manuals and videos for the most fantastic software program in the laboratory research arena: Freezerworks. There, I previously served as Vice President, directing in various times the departments of Marketing, Sales, and Support, and now currently serve part time as a writer/consultant.

Reach me at rickmichels82@gmail.com