A National Emergency

How many illegal trespasses on a border do you need (daily, monthly, yearly) in order to call it an “emergency”? Speaking for myself, when I see caravans of thousands being organized and delivered to the border (3 at least since last fall), I tend to see this as an emergency. But others say it isn’t an emergency if the thousands are fewer thousands than in previous years. But consider we have human smuggling by criminal gangs who are running de facto governments across the Rio Grande. I call that an National emergency. It is an ongoing National emergency, and children are used as pawns, because children make for a laxer enforcement. It is similar to how terrorists use civilians as human shields.

“Catch and release” asylum loopholes have made the border and our immigration laws ineffective. Criminals work within these loopholes. Criminals make money through this loophole. Yet Congress will not address this problem, for whatever reasons – partisan gridlock, mostly.

But the President is responsible for national security.

National security is in trouble if your border and border laws are not enforced. Dozens or hundreds, of illegals may be manageable, and an acceptable trade off for lax security. But thousands? Picture filled football stadiums of unvetted people, monthly crossing the border. Illegally. The graph shows how great the problem has been for a long time. One could argue the reason Donald Trump won election is because millions of Americans for years have viewed this as an emergency. 

When Trump became President, the numbers dropped, because people thought he was serious about border enforcement. Since then, criminals and immigration activists recognized nothing has changed because the loopholes will not be closed by Congress and that Trump works within the laws. And if the laws aren’t sufficiently humane and Trump finds a loophole to help stop the flow (e.g., separating children from parents/adults), Trump will have to cave. Therefore, criminals win.

Trump used a lot of words in his announcement and press conference today. He mangled a lot of them. But there was one sentence he uttered that describes the situation he is responsible for.

“If you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country.”

Graph provided by: https://www.factcheck.org/2018/06/illegal-immigration-statistics/

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