Eleanor and Jackie got a better deal

fdrIt’s interesting that a lot of the left wing animus directed toward President Trump these days is due to him having a private life somewhat reminiscent of their hero FDR. I say “somewhat” because it’s all in the past for Melania, whereas FDR was carrying on real-time as President behind his wife Eleanor’s back.

And of course, JFK’s philandering was considered “colorful” and definitely kept hidden from Jackie.

The sad thing is the press reacted back then by showing love on the victimized wives with great press. That was a real nice thing to do. But these days, the media actually victimize the wife, and at the same time go out of their way to keep from giving Melania good press.

The media really are filled with lowlifes. That’s why they project what would likely be self loathing onto Trump instead: to make themselves feel better about themselves.

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