The more Comey talks…

…the more I’m glad Trump fired his ass.

The Washington DC-Media cabal is overstuffed with moral preeners, sanctimonious people like James Comey. Stand up to it, and it can be exposed and defeated. Donald Trump demonstrated that in his victory and does so daily as President.

But the problem is, Boy Scout Jeff Sessions brought a Boy Scout knife to a gun fight.

People want to see things get fixed: stuff like the military, the border, the U.S. economy and good paying, productive jobs. The American
people want to see the fear and respect of their nation in the eyes of the world and its bad actors restored. They want to see a return to serious education and accountability in our schools.

People are tired of bad decisions being made by bad actors in DC who know they are corrupt but need to show that they care in order to hide it. The cabal do the bidding of the left, populated by real and serious experts in moral preening, who hate America and are serious in wrecking its capital fueled free market. This leads to ineptness, because…well, as Ben Shapiro would say, facts don’t care about your feelings. So, a lot of this stuff gets fixed by getting the moralistic preeners out of the way, and returning America to becoming the productive superpower that unleashes a free people to pursue happiness through the protection of their lives and liberty.

All of the DC-Media cabal is now arrayed to protect its turf. Donald Trump works for the American people, and doesn’t dance to the tune of politically correct polite society. So it’s war. But like we said earlier: The Attorney General brought his pocket knife.

It’s unfortunate Boy Scout Jeff Sessions didn’t have His boss’s back, the way Obama’s Attorney General Eric “Let’s have a conversation on race” Holder had his boss’s back. “Hold me in contempt, Congress. I don’t care,” Holder made clear. “You ain’t touching Obama.” Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice were the same way: they protected their turf by protecting their king. Even Eagle Scout James Comey knew he couldn’t see Clinton prosecuted, even if he knew she must be. The law was clear, but we show mercy where we want to show mercy, and moral preeners like Comey enjoy playing God, who clearly said He shows mercy for those He shows mercy too, and then gave His Son to show it to an unbelieving world. But, Comey is a mere mortal, and thus susceptible to the desire for the liberal cabal to think as highly of him as he does. This is valuable to the cabal, to bow to its sensibilities, and high on that list of sensibilities is to hate All Things Trump. The cabal now hates Alan Dershowitz because he finds his integrity more valuable than the praise of men.

So, to demonstrate his moral earnestness (however misplaced it was), Comey was allowed to put his moralistic soliloquy on display for all to see in the Clinton investigation, and now continues to do so. He finds that telling the truth about Hillary was tolerable to his masters, so long as he didn’t engage in the fight to hold her accountable. Once he did, by stepping into the race late, they slapped him down hard. But now, turning his fire on the hated Trump gives him a reprieve and they’ll love him – not for who he is – but because he is willing to charge naked into the fray to hate Trump and win a news cycle. And as soon as they tire of him and the cycle runs its course, then, like David Hogg, he’ll be discarded because he is a mere tool.

If Jeff Sessions knew Rod Rosenstein, himself not a Boy Scout but certainly susceptible to the DC-Media pressure cooker, would do the unthinkable and appoint a special prosecutor for the purpose of digging for a crime (since “collusion is not a crime), maybe he would have dug in his heels. Imagine if Sessions could have simply said, “Speaking to Russians is not a crime, and stop trying to turn it into one. The Department is NOT appointing a special prosecutor to investigate what is not a crime. We have actual crimes to deal with.”

The DC-Media cabal is intent on finding a crime in Trump’s past somewhere. They will likely find something: it’s rather like catching crooked Bill Clinton perjuring himself – no one is clean. Certainly Hillary Clinton was not clean. The cabal had her back. But the people didn’t. Hence, President Trump. The people decided Clinton’s perjury was merely “lying about sex “ and agreed with the DC Media-Cabal that the Special Prosecutor was the enemy in that war. We’ll see what we decide regarding whatever crime the Special Prosecutor uncovers regarding Trump. In. He,let, Rosenstein chose a zealous pit bull, not an obsequious Jimmy Comey for the job. No one is clean. When Obama needed a scapegoat for Benghazi, he found a crime in the You Tube filmmaker’s past and made him pay. There was, after all, an election to win.

The job of the cabal now is to harass the President so that he can’t accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Secondarily, get the casual voter so tired of all the fighting they are instigating that they will vote for Democrats this fall in the hope that things will then get peaceful again. “Investigative journalism” after the Obama years, is now back in vogue again, put into action to serve its own needs and desires. Kill the Trump Swamp Drain is the job, so they can go back to preening over climate change and other phony problems to demonstrate how much they care.


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