Passing the buck in Broward

The slipshod work of both the local Broward County sheriff’s department and the FBI continue to be the real story in the Broward County school shooting. President Trump wants tougher laws and that’s fine, if insufficient. Heads need to roll for the complete dereliction of duty on the part of those who ignored their job in crime prevention here.

Meanwhile, the state of Florida needs to take a close look at the role played by that insane school-police memorandum that discouraged effective school safety by somehow making a drop in student arrests (not in student criminal acts, but the arrest) the key metric in measuring success in education. It looks like the end result of pursuing the objectives outlined in it (to cut down the number of student arrests) was to ignore actual problems by redefining the objectives so that everyone could pretend the problems did not exist.

In the software industry, if there are too many bugs in the software, the solution is not to redefine what constitutes a bug so that fewer are reported. That is not a “commitment to excellence”. It rather a commitment to failure. But where is the accountability in public service when partisan voters don’t demand it? When a business ignores it duty to its customers, it goes out of business. In government work, when you fail, there is a massive lack of accountability both by and directed toward a professional political class. So, at worst, the civil servant retires with full benefits after a period of leave with pay.

I see that the buck passing bucko, Sheriff Scott Israel, is still pointing fingers at everyone else. Sorry, Bucko. You can pass it all you want, but it stops with you. As CNN’s sometime serious journalist Jake Tapper made clear on his Sunday show, no one of true seriousness (that is, no one outside of the Broward County liberal political structure) is buying this idea that someone else out there is at fault.. Your willing flack and deputy obfuscator, student activist/media star David Hogg isn’t giving you the cover you need – only a fig leaf capable of cover only to the eyes of the typical MSNBC viewer. And this is probably what the telegenic and loquacious Hogg is aiming for, a regular gig as a commentator on MSNBC. He is showing the necessary chops for the gig: a gift of gab and the ability to believe and push a false narrative absent and in the face of all relevant evidence.

Meanwhile, the demonization of the NRA is leading to a giant increase in new memberships. The people aren’t swayed by all this virtue signaling and scapegoating. They know BS when they see it and they see no reason to blame the NRA for someone else’s failure to do his job. In fact, the opposite is the case: the massive failure on the part of many civil servants to do their jobs is causing the American people to see with fresh eyes the importance of being armed.

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