Alabama Republicans: Vote for the other guy: Here’s why

For the good of your country,  for the good of the Trump agenda, for the good of the GOP, sometimes you have to let the other guys win. Sometimes a strategic long term victory comes from a strategic withdrawal.

First, remember this: the Democratic party strategists are praying you vote him in.  But that is the strategist. The rank and file independent moderate voter, who has more important things to thing about, will think you are craven and stupid for doing so. The left is already licking its chops over distracting them from their troubles so they can focus them on ours. If you want to do the Democrats a favor, vote for Roy Moore.

Here is what will happen if you elect Roy Moore as your Senator: The Democrats and a good number of Republican senators will demand he answer to the ethics committee. There WILL be a move to expel him, and Roy Moore/Donald Trump supporters do NOT have the numbers to defeat it. And even if you do, the party will be branded, successfully as the party that supports child molesters.

If Roy Moore could have credibly answered the most serious charges, he would have done so by now. Unfortunately, he hasn’t. He and his supporters have responded to charges, pointed out exculpatory evidence, pointed to weaknesses in the accusers stories. But, the charges look like they can stick. Roy Moore will be defending his actions against a bona fide victim. Leigh Corfman, who will be the central figure in the hearings, will be cast (as properly so from what we know as of now) as a brave hero against a male sexual aggressor. Sure, we can wait for the David Brock-like investigative piece to come out after the fact, filled with ugly details about this woman’s life. That is exactly what Slime master Brock did to Anita Hill for the American Spectator after the Clarence Thomas Hearings: dug up dirt just as he does for the Democratic party today.  But nobody outside of the far right cared about how unsaintly Anita Hill was. Everybody was moving on. Leave Leigh Corfman alone.

What you will find in 2018 is that these ethics hearings will consume the National discussion, like the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings did, like the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinski matter did, and like the Watergate Hearings did. It will be all over the news, and if you support Moore and Trump you will be fighting on terrible ground. You will not drive the agenda. The facts and the liberal media will drive the agenda. The facts are probably not on your side. the narrative will destroy you.

There are important issues that need to be addressed in 2018 and beyond: the health care fiasco Obamacare has created, budget issues, the wall, North Korea, economic growth, infrastructure, etc. You elected Donald Trump to deal with them.  I ask you: do you really want 2019 to become gavel-to-gavel coverage of whether Roy Moore molested a fourteen year old? I can tell you this: the Democrats sure as hell do. Do you really want to hand them the rope?

Right now, the Democratic party and the media own the narrative, but they also own the large number of sexual predators who are being uncovered and forced to resign. Because of that, the narrative is skewering them. Don’t hand them an escape hatch here. Let them own it.  I ask you: as more sexual preditors are exposed, do you think they will skew Democratic or Republican? They are in the process of imposing and enforcing a no tolerance policy. Let them do it. Don’t give them a reason to back out.

Trump cannot win re-election and move your agenda forward if he doesn’t get past the 45% support high water mark. He, and you, need millennial voters who can be convinced to support the agenda on the issues. You will not win a culture war with them. But you can win them over on the issues. You can win them on repelling them from the idiocy of the far left that is detached from common sense. The hard left is making a play for control of the Democratic party. This is the party who threaten free speech on their campuses, who threaten small businesses who are run by decent people with deeply held beliefs, who impose a fascist mindset that is backed by social issue communism, who think that saying “all lives matter” is racist and the coded language of the white supremacist.  You want to win the centrist voter, but this won’t happen if Roy Moore, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are your poster boys.

Your best outcome from a Roy Moore victory is to have the GOP Party tell him flatly that as soon as he is sworn in, they will vote to expel him. It only takes a switch of a handful of them to create a majority in favor of this. Yeah, Moore’s supporters might be able to drag the whole thing out. Do you really want this? Is that one vote worth it? The left is determined to drag this out, and they have the media on their side.

You hate everything Doug Jones supports? Yeah, that may be true, but I kinda think you have more in common than you think. If not, you hold the good ground because if he wins, he owes his victory to you. So…then hold his feet to the fire. He needs to win re-election in two years, and he will have owned any election he wins to YOU, the Trump supporting wing of the party. Sure, he can vote the Democratic party line, and commit political suicide in the process. Or he can work with y’all, and support the issues that are most important to the Trump voter in Alabama. The question is: who is most willing to commit political suicide here: Doug Jones or you?

Send Moore to the Senate, and your best hope is the Senate expels him, keeps the GOP Senate vote with a squishy moderate, at the price of Alabama becoming (like it was in the 1960’s) the laughing stock of the nation. Remember, the GOP is the stupid party. It does not know how to play the long game, and we are talking long game.

I saw this stupid party at work in 1998 when the Starr report gave all the, uh, juicy details of the tawdry Clinton-Lewinski affair. The Democratic party was repelled, along with the average national voter, with all the tawdry details Starr offered up to make his case: cigars and all, yet agreed that a House Judiciary hearing on Impeachment was in order.  Bipartisanship was in the air regarding Bill Clinton. The Democrats only asked that the matter be restricted to the Starr report. The  Rank and file Republican was probably OK with this, except that the grass roots activists went apeshit. They demanded a hearing that would allow anything and everything to be brought up. And many were saying this was the most important thing you had to do: to call your congressperson and demand the hearing be open. Why? Because there were whispers that something bigger, much, much bigger than what the Starr report covered was being hidden and might be revealed. But!!! if the committee agreed to restrict it to the Starr report, they couldn’t take it up (as if the committee couldn’t later vote to bring new information forward if it was indeed really really big). The GOP stupidly insisted on opening it up, and got their asses handed to them.

Why did I write the last six words? Because the nation was tired of Clinton-Lewinski, which consumed the news day after day after day, and did not see it as an impeachable offense. The left owns the narrative and the nation agreed with that narrative. It was a consensual affair, he lied but he kinda apologized, his wife forgave him, and the economy was going good. Because of the latter, impeachment was not a priority.

So, even though the charges brought forward were limited to whether the President obstructed justice and committed perjury, as Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr reported, the whole matter became whether we should impeach a popular president with approval ratings well over 50% for “lying about sex.” Censure Him And Move On became the mantra (and thus was born the Move On leftist activist group). “Wrap this damn consensual affair thing up, and move on to bigger issues” was the feeling of everyone in the nation who wasn’t deep inside the influential but limited Rush Limbaugh bubble. The Democratic-media complex saw to setting the narrative, and the nation agreed with that narrative. It was a gallant and principled fight: impeaching Clinton on the principle of the “rule of law,” which was how House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde defined the battle.  But like Iraq, the country wasn’t interested in the protracted struggle. It wanted the matter finished so everyone could move on.

And here’s is the kicker to the story: No further evidence on Bill Clinton ever came forward.  The right kicked away the bipartisan high ground for nothing.  After getting whipped up by a bunch of noisy activists who hated Bill Clinton, no bigger good on Clinton were produced.  In retrospect the whispers were probably over Juanita Brodderick and the alleged rape of 15 or so years later. The nation did indeed yawn and move on when NBC waited until after impeachment to run the story. The House Judiciary Committee did indeed voluntarily restrict itself to the Starr report, because the nation wasn’t clamoring to impeach Bill Clinton and the court of public opinion was on the side of the Democratic party, roughly 56-44% if not higher. Remember that Al Gore won the popular vote two years later.

As stupid as the GOP is, they were assisted by the political cravenness of the Clinton run Democratic party.  To protect Bill, the party shot themselves in the foot because had they insisted on Clinton resigning, they would have gotten President Gore. A President Gore, continuing Clinton’s fairly centrist policies, could have easily won the 2000 election.

Now, this was before Gore went completely looney tunes. This was the Al Gore who was centrist conservative on the military, once nominally pro-life, a key vote for ousting Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in Gulf War I, an Al Gore who the Republicans could work with because he was a Southern Democrat who agreed with the GOP civil rights historical record. Gore went looney tunes because as a VP, he became a national figure and thus switched his base from Tennessee to Hollywood. He traded a base that forced him to work with the sober minded, conservative voters in Tennessee to Hollywood left that loved his Sky-is-Falling-Inconvenient-Truth-Bush-Lied-to-Us shtick.

Gore, as a VP and National candidate, could move his base. Do you seriously think Doug Jones, a white conservative male, has any chance to move his base in the Democratic party that will emerge from the embers of this sexual assault purge? No. he owes his political future to compromising for the good of Alabama and the nation. Use that to your advantage, Alabama conservatives.

Let the left consume its own and remake itself into the Social Justice Warrior army.   There is an army of new voters coming up who basically agree with you, but not on Roy Moore.  Help us recruit them.  If we need that one vote, then persuade Doug Jones he needs you more than you need him. His political future depends on it.

But Moore and the one vote his offers is not worth it. A 45% high water mark party cannot continue to govern the nation, unless it controls the narrative, which it cannot do. So, we need to broaden the base. This means, to win, we have to choose and prep the battlefield on which we fight. Roy Moore is a fight on a battle field that is poor ground and not prepped. And the left is hoping and praying you will foolishly engage them on it.




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