Pass this now, and find out what’s in it later?

That appears to be the message from the Obamacare repeal and replace crowd. I haven’t looked over the details and need to hear more from people I trust. But, my immediate reaction is:  well, I’ll prefer a tax credit over a medicare subsidy, if we are talking about entitlements.  I prefer we give folks money and let them figure out how to buy what they need with it.  They will make mistakes that busybodies will want to regulate away, but in regulating away possiblities for abuse, we tend to codify things we need to keep fluid. That is what the market is good for.

For example, I think that if we are going to tax everyone $7,000 to educate each child, I prefer we just hand the money over to each parent, and let them know they are free to do whatever they need to do to educate their child with this. If they take the money and leave the kid home to play video games all day, well, believe me, the same kid is probably going to get as good an education if he is sent to school to disrupt others or daydream away. It may be worse, it may be better. I’ll bet it’s better – for that kid.

Now, if the parent takes the money and uses it to find a great school for the child, or buys some great books, hires a couple of tutors, that child may end up getting a fantastic education. It’s really up to the parents.

Some kids need religious instruction. Let the child go to whatever school the parents deem best. Suppose it’s a school of satanic witchcraft, you ask? Well, them’s the breaks. Freedom of religion and all.  I trust the parents, and willing to deal with some bad choices in return for less One Size Fits All. If the satanic witchcraft schools flourish, they must be doing some pretty good teaching, right?

Thing is, by and large, parents want what’s best for their children. Many don’t care, of course. That’s why we have prisons, I suppose.

But this post is about healthcare, not state sanctioned brainwashing. Sorry I got a tad distracted there. but the point is the same:

I never cared for the Obamacare top down regulations. If we are going to afford this then the key is cutting all the red tape and let the market work. Find innovation, encourage innovation, reward innovation. Some people, many in fact, will buy snake oil. It happens. Here’s the key folks: use Facebook to warn people about snake oil, instead of pushing socialized medicine. Let a thousand flowers bloom. There will be weeds.

I have always been interested in the Medishare model. Anybody out there have any information on it they’d like to share?

But, like they said on Jaws, regarding our economy and the need for 3-4% growth – yeah, we’re gonna need a bigger boat.


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